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At Valdosta Regional Airport, jet-setting is a breeze. We provide old-fashioned Southern hospitality and modern conveniences such as free short and long-term parking and complimentary Wi-Fi. Located in Valdosta, GA, we are close to home for many of our passengers.

We offer flights to and from the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL), where you have access to flights that will take you to hundreds of destinations around the globe. Now you no longer have to drive over three hours to the airport to make your flight—save time and money by flying out of Valdosta! We look forward to helping you have the best possible experience as you depart for and arrive from your journey.

Public Notice

The Valdosta – Lowndes County Airport Authority, owner of Valdosta Regional Airport (VLD), located in Valdosta, Georgia, intends to submit an Impose and Use Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Application to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requesting authority to charge a PFC to all eligible passengers enplaned at VLD.

The proposed PFC charge level is $4.50 per passenger enplanement for all projects.  The PFC revenue will be used as the Authority’s share of cost for projects included in the Airport’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) over the next two FAA fiscal years. The PFC revenue will also be used to reimburse the authority for its share of recently completed and ongoing CIP projects.  The following is a summary of projects included in the PFC Application:


Runway 17-35 PAPI Replacement

Local Cost:  $3,450

Project Description:  The acquisition and installation of two PAPI(s) on Runway 17-35 to improvement safety for pilots on approaches.  The project replaces the existing PAPI(s) which were beyond their useful life and a continuous maintenance issue. 

Project Justification:  The project increases the safety of the airport for pilots by providing an update PAPI system on both runway ends.  

Project Objective:  Enhance Safety.


Runway 35 Property Acquisition in RPZ

Local Cost: $22,237

Project Description:  The acquisition of land in the Runway 35 runway protection zone (RPZ). 

Project Justification:  The AIP Sponsor guide strongly encourages airport owners to own the RPZ at their airports to maintain maximum control of the area(s). 

Project Objective:  Enhance Safety.


Taxiway M Fillet Widening and Strengthening (Construction)

Local Cost: $33,067

Project Description:  The project includes the widening and strengthening of Taxiway M between the commercial terminal apron and Runway 17 End.  The existing taxiway does not meet the current design criteria for FAA advisory circular.  The strengthening of Taxiway M will be corrected to match the strength of Taxiway A and Runway 17-35 which is used by the commercial service airlines.  In a recent study conducted by the Airport, the PCN value was significantly lower than the other taxi routes used by the airlines.  The project will include earthwork, minor drainage improvements, pavement construction, lighting and signage, pavement marking, grassing and erosion control.


Project Justification:  The project corrects current deficiencies in the taxiway geometry and strength per the FAA Advisory Circulars.   

Project Objective:  Improvement Safety.


WHMP Drainage Improvements (Design)

Local Cost: $5,318

Project Description:  During the study, Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP), conducted by the Airport, it was noted that the drainage and trees adjacent to Taxiway C is attracting wildlife.  To address this issue, the Airport will correct drainage issues, and remove trees in this general area.  These corrections to airport facilities will help decrease wildlife on the airport property.  The project will include earthwork, drainage improvements, fencing, and erosion control.  This project will improve the safety and security of the airport for the traveling public.

Project Justification:  The project will enhance the safety of the airport reducing attractants to wildlife.

Project Objective:  Enhance Safety.


Runway 35 RPZ Obstruction Removal (Construction)

Local Cost: $17,250

Project Description:  This project includes obstruction removal for the Runway 35 End at Valdosta Regional Airport in accordance with the Uniform Relocation Act of 1970, as amended, and Federal Aviation Administrations (FAA) advisory circulars and orders.  This project includes the removal of obstructions, clearing of one newly acquired property, filling of a small pond, and new fencing of the acquired property (Cone & Malone Property (Full Take).

Project Justification:  The AIP Sponsor guide strongly encourages airport owners remove all obstructions within the flight path for maximum safety.

Project Objective:  Enhance Safety.


Runway 17-35 Asphalt Mill, Replace, Re-marking, and Signage Corrections to Runway 18-36 (Construction)

Local Cost: $345,000

Project Description:  This project addresses the need to rehabilitate the main runway.  In the 2018 Pavement Management Plan provided by GDOT Aviation Programs, PCI for this runway is PCI – 61 – Major Rehabilitation (In 2012 the PCI for this runway was PCI – 84).  This project will include the following:  2 inches of asphalt milling, 2-3 inches of asphalt pavement overlay, runway grooving, runway marking and re-designation from Runway 17-35 to Runway 18-36, and signage panel corrections for the runway re-designation.

Project Justification:  The project will provide correct measures to the aircraft operational surfaces to improve the pavement life and reduce the potential for FOD in this area.  Also, the project corrected the magnetic bearing as required by FAA. 

Project Objective:  Enhance Safety and Correction Actions.


PFC Application – Preparation

Local Cost: $14,350

Project Description:  The preparation and submission of PFC application for Valdosta Regional Airport will be completed. 

Project Justification:  FAR Part 158.13(b) allows for PFC revenue to fund administrative costs associated with PFC application preparation

Project Objective:  To assist the airport sponsor in funding the local share of eligible airport improvement projects.



Master Plan Update

Local Cost: $32,500

Project Description:  The Valdosta Regional Airport serves the local community and surrounding region by providing commercial service as well as general aviation operations.  The previous Master Plan Update was in 2007.  It is important that the airport review and update their Airport Master Plan to ensure that they are considering and preparing for the future needs of the airport and how these affect the surrounding region.  The proposed Master Plan Update project will evaluate various alternatives for addressing future aviation growth and the evolving changes in aircraft fleet mix. The inventory phase of the project includes acquiring new aerial photography and mapping and producing a new geographic information system (GIS) for the airport and surrounding area. The project will consider aviation activity forecasts and a capacity analysis for the airport to aid in developing an appropriate plan for the airport.  Stakeholders will be integrated into the master plan process through a comprehensive public involvement program which includes involvement of an advisory committee, focus groups, and city/county councils. The study will culminate into preferred alternatives which will then be analyzed for feasibility and costs. The final report will include a capital improvement program which includes both landside and airside development projects and recommendations for facility requirements that will aid the airport in serving both their community and the surrounding region.

Project Justification:  The AIP Sponsor guide encourages airport owners to update the master plans approximately every 10 years.  The current is 14 years old and prior to the recession.  The plan will analysis growth, obstructions, airfield geometry, and other safety related items to promote safety at the airport.

Project Objective:  Competition.


Replace General Aviation (GA) Terminal and General Aviation Area Improvements (Environmental and Preliminary Design)

Local Cost: $7,500

Project Description:  Project will consist of a proposed General Aviation Terminal Building and Apron Improvements at the Valdosta Regional Airport.  Project will be within the current boundaries of Airport property located within the Valdosta City Limits.  The proposed General Aviation Terminal Building will coincide with the Replacement of the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT). The existing ATCT that is 70 years old and sits atop the General Aviation Terminal will be relocated adjacent to its current location.  The structure lies inside the current Building Restriction Line meaning that it is too close to the main runway and is only protected by grandfather exceptions.  The relocation of the ATCT and GA Terminal building will require improvements to the existing apron.  This project will include drainage, base, paving, crack sealing, marking, lighting, and new GA Terminal Building.

Project Justification:  The project will provide correct measures to move the General Aviation Terminal and Air Traffic Control Tower outside of the building restriction line associate with the main runway.  This project will improve the airport safety for operators at the airport.

Project Objective:  Enhance Safety and Correction Actions.


The preparation and submission of PFC application for Valdosta Regional Airport will be completed.

The proposed PFC charge authority effective date is July 1, 2021, with an estimated expiration date of July 1, 2023.  The PFC revenue to be collected for this program is $480,761. In accordance with 14 CFR Part 158.24, the airport invites the public to view the proposed PFC Application and provide comments until May 3, 2021.  A copy of the full application is available at the airport administration office located at 1750 Airport Road, Suite 1, Valdosta, GA 31601.  Comments on the proposed PFC Application should be addressed to:

Mr. Jim Galloway

Executive Director

Valdosta – Lowndes County Airport Authority

1750 Airport Road, Suite 1

Valdosta, Georgia 31601

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